5 Reasons why you need an indoor grow tent


1. A tent is a portable room

Aviditi Grow Tent - Worth every penny.

Aviditi Grow Tent – Worth every penny.

That’s right, it is it’s own room. You don’t have to have the tools to build it or put it together. There is no researching  designs trying to put together the perfect set-up before your first grow. With a grow tent, you are able to

buy it along with a light  and start growing phenomenal weed as soon as the package arrives. If for some reason you need to ‘move’ your plants, nothing is easier than moving a tent. I’ve done had to do it when my parents came into town.

2. Allows for more control

When growing weed you want the air and the environment to be as clean as possible. It will help to fight away any pest like spider mites and certain molds while allowing you to maintain consistent temps and humidity. They need to be ventilated so there is a consistent negative pressure (a breeze) inside the tents to provide fresh air to the plants at all times.


3. Easier to fight odor


My Aviditi Tent is Full With Train Wreck

My Aviditi is Full With Train Wreck

Growing indoors can be slightly smelly once the plants start budding, and active odor control might need to be put in place. With a grow tent, attaching a carbon filter is just as easy as hanging your lights.

4. Usable even after you decide to upgrade

Once you become more passionate about growing marijuana, you may want to upgrade your set-up. You are able to use your grow tent for other purposes such as a mother chamber or a seedling starter area. You may actually decide to use the tent strictly for vegging and buy another for Flowering to start a perpetual grow. The options are limitless. They are also perfect for a hydroponics set-up.

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5. More reflective = More light bounce = more efficient

Light that doesn’t touch a leaf is light wasted. With the reflective material inside a grow tent, the light from the blubs will bounce around the walls until it ends up hitting something, and the more times it bounces the more chances it has to hit the leaves. But do note, shiny isn’t always better, if you do build your own room, do not use aluminum foil. These things are made out of mylar, it may look very similar, but it isn’t, aluminum foil will end up causing hot spots that build up heat instead of bouncing the light around.