Starting Check List

New Growers Check list

  • Budget
    – Estimate how much you want to spend (I’ll list different price entry points further down)
    – Keep into consideration that your power bill will increase $5+ per month depending on wattage
  • Space
    – Needs fresh air
    – Must have a way to vent heat away from plants (window, or another room)
    – Stability (Plants need 3 months to grow)
    – Accessibility (Water, nutrients and other supplies)
    – Min: 2′ x 1′ x 3′ will hold 2 plants and a small light
  • Security
    – Follow the 3 rules (no smell, no tell, no sell)
    – Grow lights are bright (Grow tent or covered windows)
  • Amount
    – 2.5oz  low end for a 150 watt and 30+oz high end for a 1000 watt
    -2 plants for 150 watt and 8-10 for the 1000 watt

*From Experiance I can tell you that it is best to use HID lights (high pressure sodium and metal halide) as long as you have just a smidgen of room. My very first grow was in a homemade stealth CFL rubbermaid tub and although it was awesome to grow it like that, I wasted the same amount of money building it as I could have just buying a grow light kit from amazon (Which is what I did for my 2nd grow, actually I own 2 of them now)

Choosing between different grow light kits

Okay now you know how many plants you want to take care of (how much you bud you want to harvest), lets go over lights. I belive 200 watts is the smallest that someone should go if price and/or space is a factor. 600 watt is a very good range of any typical grower who wants to grow around 4-6 plants and produce about 10 – 20 oz every 4 months. With a dimmable ballast, you are able to turn the watts down to either 75% or 50% of full power. If you buy a 1000 watt, you can safely treat it as a 600 watt as you learn, then increase the power on future grows for more plants. If money is an issue, then getting a 200 watt  would be bare minium, but 400 watt would be the best investment. There are even possibilities to scale up with it, like using the 400 watt in the mother/clone/seedling/vegging room and a higher wattage lamp 600 or 1000 for flowering (or even chaining 2 400w together)

A vented hood is a must in a closed-in space

A vented hood is a must in a closed-in space

I recommend AT LEAST the cool tube. You can get the wing and save about $20 or so but it’s not worth it. It’s highly recommended that you purchase the Air-cooled vented hood. It spreads light better than the cool tube, it protects the bulb from it’s own heat (bulbs that arn’t vented can blow), and it keeps the heat away from your plants and out of the space.  So for all ‘cheap’ prices I will be listing the cool tube.

The price includes the grow light kit, tent, fan + carbon filter, fan speed controller. The bare bones price is for Cool Tube, fan, and fan controller. I will last other stuff you will either need (like fertilizer) but isn’t necessary to get started growing now.

Entry Level (Just dabbling) – $326 (bare bone $212)
400 watt – price: 3-4 plants 7-14

Apollo 400 watt Cool Tube – $136
Apollo 400 watt Vented Hood – $155
Aviditi Tent – $77
Fan + Filter combo – $95
Fan speed controller  – $18

Mid-Range (hobbyist) – $427 (bare bones $241)
600 watt 4-6 plants 10oz-21oz

Apollo 600 watt Vented hood – $185 (may opt for Cool Tube) -$160
Aviditi Tent – $84
Fan + Filter combo – $140
Fan speed controller – $18

1000 watt 8-10 plants 15oz-32oz

Apollo 1000 watt vented hood – $243 (Cool Tube option) -$231
Earth-Worm Tent – $140
Fan + Filter combo – $140
Fan speed controller – $18

No-fuss DWC hydroponics set up
-any number of plants (able to add trial bucket in grow and scale up)
This is also completely DIY so order 1 and see if you like it, if so, copy it for a lot cheaper.
Wanna learn more about DWC click HERE.

DWC Hydro set-up – $64
Hydroponic nutrients – $36
PH Up and Down – $17

Fertilizers and other Accessories

I’m a loyal Fox Farms user. I love their fertilizers, albeit the soil (either Happy Frog or Ocean Forest) is awesome, just too expensive for me. Fertilizers can be bought at Home Depot, but their selection kinda sucks for our purpose (growing marijuana not roses).  You will need a good pair of shears for the harvest, normal scissors will get gummed up and start to hurt your hands. Don’t buy soil that has timed released ferts like the normal Mirical Gro. Try to find Scotts organic and if you must Mirical Gro Organic.

Fox Farm Ocean Forest – $25
Fiskar pruning snips – $11
Fox Farm fertilizer: Big Bloom, Grow Big, Tiger Bloom – $46
Germination Station with Heat Mat – $27