Ways to “do” marijuana

You grew it, now what?

Beginner’s Smoking Guide

If you’re just getting into smoking marijuana, the first thing to decide on is what to smoke
or ingest. For most new smokers, the overwhelming favorite in terms of approach is to
keep it simple, and stick to marijuana in plant form, as a bud. And that’s a great choice
for many, nothing wrong with that. But there are a lot of choices there as well, so let’s

Organic Sources


Marijuana buds come in different strains, or variations of marijuana plants that have
different qualities and potencies. The two most common strains are Cannabis Indica
and Cannabis Sativa. Typically, most of the ‘flavors’ or types of bud that you buy are
composed of strains like these two, bred together in different ratios to produce different

Types of buds

Some of the most common and popular strains of marijuana are:

Cotton Candy

Flowerbomb kush

Pineapple Express

Blue Dream

Cinderella 99 (c99)

Strawberry Bananna


Kush n Cheese

Check out Attitude Seed Bank for seeds. They have an awesome selection, the best prices, and always throw in extra seeds. Each strain is different. They all have different levels of THC concentration, different taste, and have different highs. But also they grow differently. Some strains don’t like a huge swing in temps, some will grow tall, and some literally grow like weeds and as long as you give them water every once in a while they will produce.

How to Smoke Buds

Traditional marijuana is pretty straightforward in terms of how you ingest it – typically,
you either smoke it or eat it and some of the most
common methods to smoke marijuana include:

• Joints – Joints are specially-rolled marijuana cigarettes, that you can either buy
pre-rolled or make yourself. Most dispensaries have a pretty wide selection of
joints, arranged by strain, and most can be purchased either as a single joint or
a pack. You can also simply buy the marijuana, and roll your own. Rolling joints
requires a bit of skill and experience, but most dispensaries will actually walk you
through it, and some even provide mini-classes on how to do it.

• Blunts – a blunt is a cigar, typically the cheaper kind, that’s been hollowed
out and is filled with marijuana. Blunts take their name from the Phillies Blunt
brand of cigar, which is an inexpensive brand of thin cigar. Other brands used
include Swisher Sweets, Dutch Masters, and White Owl cigars. Blunts were first
made popular by hip-hop artists, and are still mostly associated with that kind of

• Pipes – Pipes are a very common method for smoking marijuana, and they
come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Pipes are popular because they
require relatively little effort (no rolling like joints, etc.), except for the occasional
cleaning. Pipes are also sturdier than joints, and hold anything from a very small
about of marijuana to large, high-capacity bowl s. Also, unlike joints and blunts,
the marijuana in pipes doesn’t continue to burn after you light it for a use, which
saves on your marijuana usage and minimizes waste.

• Bongs – Bongs are similar to pipes in that they involve a device that you put
marijuana into, and then light in order to receive your ‘hit’. But bongs operate
differently than pipes, and they come in an even wider range of size and styles.
Bong size can be anything from

Non – traditional Sources

There are also a large number of ‘non-traditional’ methods to get THC, the active
ingredient in marijuana. These methods primarily involve ingesting the THC from a
derivative of marijuana, like hash or oils, and you use different devices to do it.


Hash is a cannabis product, and is made by removing the tiny hairs called trichomes
from the marijuana plant, separating and then processing them into either a solid form
or a resin, and smoked. Trichomes are the tiny hairs that are seen in close-up pictures
of marijuana plants, and they are cannabinoid-rich, making them very potent. The hash
can be separated from the rest of the plant via a number of means, with the resulting
power known as ‘kief’. From that point, depending on the method of processing that’s
used, the kief powder is turned into either a solid block, a paste-like substance, or an oil.
Then, depending on the type of hash produces, it’s smoked using a pipe, hookah, joint,
bong, bubbler’ vaporizer, or any one of a number of other methods.

Types of hash

As noted above, Hash comes in several forms. The most common forms are:

• Kief (also called Keef or Kif) – The most basic form of hash, kief can either be
pressed into a solid block, or sold loose by the gram. Keif is usually ingested or
added to an edible. You can also smoke it, but as kief is typically not that pure
due to its method of production, you may not experience anything different that

smoking regular marijuana.

• Bubble Hash – Bubble Hash is created via a different method than Kief. Bubble
Hash gets its name because when it’s heated, it will melt and bubble. Bubble
hash can be added to edibles as well, or smoked.

• Solvent Reduced – Solvent Reduced hash is created by soaking the plant in a
chemical agent for some period of time, to separate the trichomes from the rest
of the plant. Solvent reduced typically has a very dark color, and is often referred
to as hash oil, honey oil, full melt hash oil, and black gold. Hard when solid, the
hash oil turns into an oil when heated.

• Butane Hash Oil – Butane hash oil is essentially the same as solvent-reduced
hash oil, in that the marijuana plant is treated with and soaked in a chemical
agent that separates the rest of the plant from the trichomes, creating the hash.
In this case, butane is the agent of choice. And like solvent-reduced hash,
butane-hash oil is solid until heated. But unlike solvent-reduced hash, the
butane-hash oil is amber in color. Butane hash is also commonly called earwax,
honey oil, moon rocks, and goo, among others.

• Dry Ice – Dry ice hash is produced using dry ice to separate the trichomes from
the plant. Because of the very cold temperature involved, this method tends to
be very pure. Common names for dry ice-produced hash include gold dust and
shiva crystals.

How to Ingest Hash

Hash can be smoked, but typically it’s eaten in one form or another. Once you have the
hash in hand, you can either sprinkle in into food (if it’s still in solid or powder form), or
melt it into an oil and add it to any number of foods or drink.


Wax is another term that’s out there, growing in popularity. However, it should be noted
that wax, which is also called ‘ear wax’, is really just butane hash oil, and is pretty much
as described above. However, wax is somewhat different, and is made via a slightly
different process. Basically, wax is made by placing marijuana in a tube, hitting it with a
solid rush of butane, and extracting the THC. This produces a hardened substance that
looks like wax.

The wax is then placed in a pipe or bong and smoked, or used in a vaporizer. Because
it’s really pure, the high is very intense, and is MUCH more powerful than straight


Shatter is also a concentrate of marijuana, but it’s even more pure because it involves
a second extraction process to further purify and remove toxins, and fsats and lipids and
waxes, yielding an extremely high concentration of THC.


Oil is also a concentrate form of marijuana, like hash. It’s a gooey, sticky liquid that can
be somewhat difficult to handle and ingest, and the consistency of the THC tends to
vary. But it’s still pretty popular, mostly due to the flavor, and the ability to mix it with a
lot of foods and drink.