Comparing Indoor Grow Light Ballast

When thinking about an indoor grow, you need to decide on a remote HPS ballast. HPS stands for High Pressure Sodium. Visit this page to learn more about HPS light bulbs

Things to consider when deciding on a ballast to buy.

  • How many watts do you need?
  • How loud is the ballast?
  • How much of an issue will the heat be?

How many watts do you need and why more watts equals more heat

The three most common wattage’s for indoor grow lights are 400w, 600w, and 1000w hps ballast. A ballast changes the common household power into one that the hps bulb can run on. The higher wattage the bulb, the more heat that the bulb will generate. Heat is your number one enemy for a grow, but is very easily dealt with. The rule of thumb for how many plants that you can grow under a 400w hps bulb is four. Four plants depending on the size of the pots, and the strain can yield you at least 7 ounces but if all things go right you can grow up to 14 ounces under a 400w grow light. What about for the 600w and 1000w bulbs? Well at 600 watts you can grow 6 plants which will produce 11 ounces to 21 ounces of premium bud. A 1000w grow light, well now we’re talking about growing at least 1 pound but up to 2 pounds of weed!!!

Alright, let’s get down to it. Which ballast is for you?

I own both of these brands

I own the the 1000w Ipower grow light, and I absolutely love it. I have now used it for 2 years and about 5 grows and it’s still going strong. I also own a 600w Apollo hps grow light that I bought about 3 years ago. It was actually my first grow light and it works well. I still use it for grows along side my 1000w. I use them both in the same room with the help of a Grow Tent. There is always a crop in rotation 🙂