Petition for legalization

There have been several petitions going around, but this is a big one. Ever since President Obama gave his almost pro-legalization interview in The New Yorker (read about it here), this petition at currently has 87,300 signature to show the White House and all the elbow rubbing politicians that we want the DEA to completely REMOVE marijuana from their list of schedule drugs.

As most people know, marijuana is currently classified as having NO medical value at all. And as I believe we all know, it does. Take this guy with severe tourette’s syndrome. This video is kinda hard to watch but stick with it to the end, the relief the guy finds just after one hit is utterly amazing. (sorry I couldn’t find an english version)

Crazy isn’t it? That dude isn’t the only one who truly NEEDS weed. If given an option of taking a hand full of pills or smoking a joint.. which one is healthier? Well we have seen time and time again when we mess with Mother Nature, we tend to get a lot of unwanted side effects. Well for big pharma (one of the major players who are trying to keep weed illegal) and for them it’s money, but for the people who take the pills, well we’ve all seen the commercials, and at the end they always say the same thing, “these side effects may occur”. If you have noticed, most of the time the side effects are extremely horrible, such as, depression, suicidal thoughts, death. Who would want to put something in their body that could actually alter their brain chemistry to such a degree as to make them to want to die, or even cause death itself, when smoking a joint would be just as successful as a form of medication. Well with all the Government propaganda over the ages that caused such a negative stigma to those who smoke, no one wants to be labeled as a: stoner, pot head, hippy, bum, dead beat, or any other name that comes with someone who is a smoker. And marijuana has been used for thousands of years as medicine, but scientist know best.. right?? …

There are actually 4 other major players that want to keep weed illegal along with big pharma. Marijuana opposes a HUGE threat to the tobacco, but they are a dying industry anyway. Alcohol (think Budweiser and such) would love to keep weed illegal. A lot of people don’t know this, but our prison system is privatized. That means people are getting rich off of building these prison complexes then charging the Government to house their prisoners. Well if there are no people going to prison for smoking weed, then they lose money. The other huge industry that wants to keep weed illegal are the Farmers. Yep the farmers have their cash crops and hemp which is currently illegal to grow would make them re-evaluate what they do with their land. Hemp is cheap and easy to grow. It can be used for anything from rope, to making t-shirt, and so much in between. To get an idea of how big of a deal hemp is check out the wikipedia article here on hemp.

I don’t know about you, but all that lobbing makes me so angry. I’m just glad that change seems to be on the horizon.