The Pax Premium Vaporizer

One of my friends can’t smoke anything. She has always cooked with weed or baked weed brownies because of her allergies to smoke. As soon as she takes a puff her nose gets stuffy and her eyes start watering. So for her birthday I got her a Pax vaporizer and I told her write up a review So that is what she did, she vaped her weed for 3 months then handed me this, and I borrowed her pax to compaire it to my magic flight launch box.

The Benefits of Vapor

I have never been a smoker of any sort; I’m allergic and plus I just find it to be a nasty, unhealthy habit. So I mostly just cook with marijuana by making weed butter, but it’s diffinitely a process, and sometimes I just don’t have time to brew up a batch. I recieved the Pax and have fallen in love with it and with vaping. Since the vaporizer does not burn the herb, it heats the weed into a concentrated vapor that is cool by the time it reaches your lungs, and the weed that you vaped (commenly called ABV ‘already been vaped’) can then be eaten by cooking it in food or just sprinkling it on some peanut butter toast. The vapor extracts about 46% of the THC in marijuana which is about 20% more than a joint would, and the left over THC your body will extact once you eat it. Also there is almost little to no smell with vapor.

For Today’s Smoker

The design of the Pax Vaporizer certainly eliminates that stereotype of the frumpish,
careless pothead. Its sleek, modern look and feel is representative of leading tech
fashions. Not only does it come in several different colors, but its anodized aluminum
exterior makes it strong and durable as well. The device’s features are also very
accommodating. Pax heats up in less than 30 seconds and the LED indicator light
displays the heating, temperature setting and battery status all in one location. And of
course, the lithium ion battery holds a great charge. To top it all off, Pax’s portability
puts it ahead of the game when considering other leading vaporizers. My job keeps me
away from my home most of the day, so a heavy, bulky device is out of the question.
Pax fits right in my pocket. For all the modern-day health-conscious cannabis users out
there, the Pax Vaporizer is the way to go.

MFLB (Magic Flight Launch Box) vs Pax to follow, stay tuned.