Nov 2012 Amendment 64 legalizing recreational use of marijuana was voted on and passed by the residents of Colorado. (Huffington Post)

January 1st 2014 at 8am in the morning the very first customer bought legal weed in Colorado. Colorado_first_marijuana_sellAt Close of business the first day, the residents of Colorado had purchased over One Million dollars of pot said the local news station.

Within the first month, Colorado sells $34 million in weed with $3.4 million going directly to the school system and crime went down 15%!

Colorado sold over 67 tons of weed in the year of 2014 which means that the average medical grower was harvesting 300,000 plants each per month! That actually totals out to be $700 million in sales for the year. Which of course the government took their cut of $60 million and saved $145 million that is spent each year fighting marijuana. So according to the law, the government of Colorado collected too much money and must pay back a percentage the tax revenue collected to the citizens of Colorado.

So how is 2015 starting out? Well for January of 2015 $36.4 million of recreational marijuana was sold which collected $3.25 million for the schools for a month, with just the selling of legal marijuana!