Ipower Review

Ipower Grow Light Review


I would make sure to get a vented hood with a 400 watt and up hps if growing in a small space

I would make sure to get a vented hood with a 400 watt and up hps if growing in a small space



Pros: If you are wanting to hit the ground running you can not go wrong with an Ipower grow light. It comes on when it is suppose to, and it goes off when it is suppose to. It also runs surprisingly quite.

Cons: The problem with this grow kit appears to be the bulbs. They differently are not the highest quality. They will get you through your first grow, no problem, but don’t expect them to last as long as Hortilux bulb. 

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Candy Kush Grown under my 1000 watt Ipower

Candy Kush Grown under my 1000 watt Ipower

  • Cuts cost on power bill (dimmable)
  • Saves money on bulbs by extending bulb life (digital ballast)
  • Veg under metal halide, and flower under high pressure sodium
  • Ready to go out of the box. Hang it, plug it in, set the timer.
  • Almost silent (I was surprised at how quite it was)

Customer Scores and Reviews


With 4.6 stars out of 5 and 376 customer reviews and 294 of those reviews were a perfect 5 stars. The other reviews that weren’t so good all had everything in common, they seem to mostly be complaints about the bulbs not lasting (my beef as well)  with a few defective units as well. But it seems like most people were happy with the customer service of Ipower.

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My Thoughts

My 2st 1000 watt hydro grow

My 2nd 1000 watt DWC hydro grow


I really like my 1000 watt Ipower, I recommend it to all of my friends. The one thing that made me choose this model over the other were both the awesome customer reviews, and also the amount of reviews as well. This model is dimmable and why that is important is in vegging you really don’t need to throw out 1000 watts of delicious metal halide goodness at them. You can, but I would rather turn down the ballast just to cut cost. This Grow light in any of it’s flavors, 400, 600, or the 1000 watt beast are all good choices for any grower looking to grow weed indoors for the first time. This is a complete grow light kit and is ready to hang in your grow tent with either soil or hydro.

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