Growing Weed Hydro Style

Why is DWC the best for growing hydroponically?

First Hydro Grow

A plant from my first hydro grow

DWC or deep water culture hydroponics is one of several hydroponic systems, and one of the best for someone who is entry level to either growing weed or someone who is just looking to dabble in hydro but is an experience soil grower. There are 3 good things about dwc hydro that make it the best to start out with. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and up-scaling is a breeze.

So How Easy is DWC hydroponics? 

A Cut-Away View.

A Cut-Away View.


Easy. Very easy in fact. DWC hydroponics consist of a container , like a bucket, to hold the mixed nutrient rich solution which should be 2 to 5 gallons, light proof, with a lid. A net pot. An air pump that will meet the needs of the container supporting your plant/s. The water temperature will need to be kept within a certain range 62-68 degrees F as well as the water’s ph level 5.5 – 6.5. That’s it. The maintenance is minimal. It only requires specific attention for a few minutes a week to change out the nutrients. But I wouldn’t ever recommend not giving your plants daily attention whether it be DWC hydroponics or otherwise. Problems need to be found and dealt with straight away, they can compound very fast in a hydro setup. That means checking for algae, root rot, water leaks just to name a few. Hydroponics systems can be set up to work in any grow tent.

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Is DWC Hydroponics worth it?


Massive Root Ball

Massive Root Ball – 1000 watt Ipower HPS – White Widow

That depends on you. With DWC hydroponics the medium, water, can be easily disposed of depending on where you live just like with dirt. One trick is to pour your nutrient rich water on your grass or house plants, they will love it. Once you have your DWC hydroponic system dialed in, you will grow weed a bit faster than a soil grow, and just like a soil grow, the last week a flush should be done to ensure that there will be no harsh chemical taste in the weed from the nutrients. Also because DWC hydro is completely soiless, there is no need to worry about certain insects and pest that live in and lay their eggs in the soil that can hatch under the warm grow lights. These pest can be a huge nuance for soil growers as they can completely infest a grow room.

There has to be a downside to DWC right?


As I mentioned before, problems compound fast in any hydro set-up. One problem that you don’t have to worry about with DWC is leaks. Most DWC set-ups use either buckets or tubs to hold the water and the plants, that means it’s self contained, no pumping water and draining it to the huge twenty plus gallon reservoir tank like with the ebb and flow hydroponic system. In an ebb and flow, one small leak could kill all of your plants within hours, and it can ruin your grow room causing a lot of damage if the whole 20+ gallons were to leak out. A DWC hydroponics set up is the safest set up because of that alone. Another downside with hydroponic weed, is it’s hard to get into organic hydroponics without investing a lot of time and money, it’s best to just stick with good well known hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers to grow your weed.

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 600 Watt DWC Hydro - Grow Tent
600 Watt mh/hps DWC Hydro – Grow Tent

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