How Does Donald Trump Feel about Marijuana Legalization?

At the end of October in 2015, American presidential candidate, real estate tycoon and reality TV star, Donald Trump, softened his formerly hard-line approach on Marijuana legalization.

To help you understand how “the Donald” currently feels about this important issue, let’s explore his opinions and thoughts on this issue.

First of all, you should know that Trump doesn’t use Marijuana himself, nor does he drink. His softened position on Marijuana legalization is that states should have the power and jurisdiction to set their own laws. This means that he doesn’t support federal laws legalizing weed, although he does believe that medical marijuana should be there for those who need it in order to cope with serious illnesses.

He made his new position on legalizing marijuana clear during an October, 2015 rally in the State of Nevada.

Why Did Trump Change His Mind?

His change in thinking may well be related to his desire to beat presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders, who is a Democrat. Sanders announced his position on this “hot-button” issue and it was quite a liberal position. Sanders stated that the federal government should take marijuana off of the list of dangerous illegal drugs. This would pave the way for simpler, more straightforward legalization of marijuana.

The shifting sands of Trump’s views on marijuana legalization are well-documented and they definitely leave some voters feeling confused. For example, during spring of 1990, Donald Trump remarked that drugs should be legalized and that money gathered from sales of formerly-illegal drugs should be utilized in order to educate people about the hazards of using drugs.

He also stated that the war on drugs is being lost and that legalization is the key to turning things around. He felt at that time that legalization would divert profits from drug lords.

However, later statements during 2015 (pre-October, when he did soften his position) about legalization of marijuana presented a decidedly contradictory viewpoint. He remarked that Colorado State, which legalized marijuana relatively recently, was making a bad decision. He felt that this landmark legalization across the state would lead to “big problems”.

This type of waffling leaves proponents of marijuana legalization confused and wary. They aren’t sure whether a vote for Trump will lead to more widespread legalization or whether he’ll once again change his mind and do all that he can to block legalization on a State-wide or federal level.

Cynics who follow Trump’s changing views on this issue link his softening position to poorer results in the polls. They think he changes his mind in order to boost support in the polls when it takes a dip. For this reason, they don’t have much faith in his ability to stick to his word when it really counts.

We’ve now covered Trump’s statements on marijuana legalization. It’s up to you as a voter to decide whether or not his current, softer stance is going to remain in place. If you believe in marijuana legalization, you may well be better off choosing a candidate whose views on marijuana legalization are positive and whose views have remained the same over time.

The truth is that fifty-eight percent of Americans do believe in the legalization of marijuana. In terms of how other candidates feel, Rand Paul supports medical marijuana and wants states to decide how to handle the issue of legalization.

On the other side of the coin, we have Republican candidate Jeb Bush, who wants people to be put in jail for buying medical marijuana. Rand Paul looks down on Bush’ hard-line stance and relates it to Bush’s privileged upbringing. He feels that Jeb Bush isn’t in touch with everyday people.

Democratic presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, has also waffled on this issue, just as Trump has. So, the waffling takes place on both sides of the political fence. At present, as of 2016, Hillary Clinton does have a pro-legalization mindset. She believes that the best strategy is to “wait and see” how legalizing marijuana affects states as a whole, before making the issue a federal mandate. She’s unsure about the power and potential of medical marijuana. In 2008, she was opposed to decriminalization.

How Do You Feel About It?

If you support legalization, you’ll need to find a candidate who feels the same way. As well, you’ll need to explore other elements of candidate’s platforms in order to discern whether or not they speak for you and your views overall. Politics is a tricky business and this means that campaign promises and new beliefs from candidates may not stick.

Those who believe in marijuana need to stand up for their views by supporting the right candidates. They need to be vocal about what they believe and to ask candidates such as Donald Trump hard questions. They also need every assurance that candidates will continue to support legalization if they are elected.

Now that you know more about Trump’s changing views and have some sense of why he’s decided to soften his position on marijuana legalization, you’ll be able to make a wiser, more informed decision as an American voter.

It’s smart to stay in the loop here, as Trump may once again change his thinking on this issue. This means watching debates, reading news about his opinions on this issue and so forth. It’s best not to assume that he’s going to think the same thing until Election Day or afterwards.