Thinking about or wish that you could move to Colorado?

Well for some of us picking up and moving just isn’t an option. What we are left with is hope for future legalization while either growing our own or worse yet, dealing with the drug dealer. For marijuana not being as dangerous as alcohol and no worse than cigarettes, it sure is dangerous for our freedom with such harsh laws. Good news though…

Weed = Money and Politicians Love Money

The world revolves around money, and money talks. What is the money saying? Legalize weed and I will follow. Supposedly the rumor has always been that the reason the government wouldn’t even think about legalizing weed was because they didn’t know how to make money off of a plant that can be grown anywhere, even within the home by using a closet (or grow tent) and setting up grow light kits. With that in mind who would spend money on something that they can grow themselves? Well I buy my tomatoes at the store, even though every summer I plant a small garden, and their are many people that do the same. I’m not sure if the numbers are in yet, but in the past 27 days, the legalization of weed in Colorado has brought in massive income. The first week that the stores were opened to the public, there were lines, and even today the they are having problems keeping edibles in stock. See the weed industry just doesn’t revolve around ‘fat nugz’, but also edibles, smoke supplies (bongs, bowls, papers, vapes, stash boxes, grinders…ect), grow supplies, and more. But yes, the majority of the money will come from the weed itself, and being able to go to the store to pick up a sack is a MAJOR convenience and convenience sells.

States keep jumping on board

About an hour ago I was looking at the news and saw that Florida will be putting medical marijuana on the ballot for November. Georgia is currently drafting a bill for medical marijuana, as well as Texas, Kentucky, Ohio, New York, Tennessee, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri, Minnesota, Arizona, and Alaska.. yeah some greedy ass politicians huh? No one wanted to be the first, but now everyone wants their hand in the cookie jar. With President Obama’s current interview in The New Yorker, most news media hasn’t been exactly ‘excited’ to announce this. They tend to play it safe with their reporting to not upset their viewers even though a recent CBS poll states that 58% of Americans are in favor of legalizing it. Yep… legalizing weed has become the next, gay marriage, or any other progressive topic that is always popping up.

How much longer do we have to wait?

With the polls showing that us American’s want it legal, the reports of all the tax revenue coming from Colorado, and not a single negative report of people going out and raping dogs, jumping out of windows, or any other wacky shit that people use to believe back during the golden age of government propaganda. We realize that a lot more people smoke pot than originally thought. Weed just isn’t for burnouts and rejects of society. Lots of politicians have came out not only supporting weed but have talked about using it themselves, not only politicians, but leaders of society, leaders of businesses, as well as some of the smartest most brilliant people in the world. With all this support, legalization is on it’s way, it just needs to get here sooner rather than later.