Plan for your first indoor grow now to save yourself a headache later

Bud from my 2nd grow 600 watt HPS - White WIdow

Bud from my 2nd harvest 600 watt HPS – White Widow

Growing marijuana indoors is easy, but your first time can be a bit overwhelming at first. There are so many ways to do a simple thing of growing a plant indoors. So as a first time grower you should start simple, start basic, and plan properly and your first grow will be a success. Start by having an answer to these 3 questions before you make your first purchase. Also before you start your new hobby, you might want to discuss it with your roommates. Now Onward to growing


3 questions That need answering before you start

Jar of dank - 600 watt apollo hps hydro setup - Pinapple Express

Jar of dank – 600 watt apollo hps hydro setup – Pinapple Express

  1. Do I have enough room to even grow weed indoors?
  2. Can I deal with the heat?
  3. How will I control the smell?

I’ll try to break it down for you the easiest way possible. You want to have ideally 50 – 55 watts per sq foot in your grow room, 60-75 watts for denser more resinous buds. On average you can expect about 0.5 grams per watt starting out, and as you become more experienced you can grow 1 gram per watt. Okay so how many plants can grow under a light and how big of an area can the grow light handle, and also what does this all tell us?

 Which Grow Light Kit is the Right Fit

150 watt hps 250 watt hps 400 watt hps 600 watt hps 1000 watt hps
Number of plants 2 plants 2 – 3 plants 4 plants 4-6 plants 8 plants
Square footage / dimensions 3 ft sq / 1.5’x 2′ 5 ft sq / 1.5’x3.5′ 8 ft sq / 2’x4′ 12 ft sq / 4’x3′ 20 ft sq / 4’x5′
Grams / ounces 75g / 2.5 oz 125g / 4 oz 200g / 7 oz 300g / 10.5 oz 500g / 17.5 oz

 2. Your lights Put Out Heat

A vented hood is a must in a closed-in space

A vented hood is a must in a closed-in space, don’t risk burning your plants from the heat

The more watts that your bulb puts out, the more heat you will have to deal with. 150 watt higher pressure sodium bulb puts out a fair amount of heat but is very easily managed. While the 1000 watt grow light will put out a lot of heat which will need to be ventilated away from your plants. Your plants HATE the heat, they would prefer to live in a 70 – 80 degree environment with consistent fresh air circulating. So A fan and proper ventilation is always a must. Always use a vented hood or a cool tube when growing with anything above 150 watts.

3. That Herb Smell is in the Air

My current tent setup 6in filter and a super quite fan

My current tent setup 6in filter and a super quite fan

The smell comes from the flower stage and grows stronger as the buds get ready for harvest. How much, how strong, and what the smell will be all depends upon the strain that is growing. Also the more marijuana plants that you have, the stronger that smell will be. It isn’t a bad smell, it just smells like weed, and sometimes it’s best if others don’t smell it. So how do we deal with it? An air filtration system that consist of 3 components. Some duct work, in inline fan and a carbon filter. That will keep your grow more private.

A friend's 600 watt ipower HPS hydro grow - Ice Queen (she smoked nicely)

A friend’s 600 watt ipower HPS hydro – Ice Queen (she smoked nicely)


It is best to buy everything at the same time. Don’t plant your seeds while you are waiting for your light or grow tent to arrive. The only thing that you can hold out on buying is the air filtration if smell will not be a concern. If smell is a top priority, then it needs to be set up and in place as soon as you switch the lights to 12/12.

Go to the Starters Checklist page to see a list of items to get start today.