5 Reasons to Start On Your Weed Growing Journey Now!

Thinking about growing? Just scoping out some info? Well let me give you that little nudge to push you down the path to growing amazing weed in no time.

1. Not just ‘another’ hobby

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies, 1000 watt ipower HPS

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies, 1000 watt ipower HPS

Growing Marijuana is just like starting a garden, but indoors. And like a garden, it’s a very rewarding hobby and not just because you gets jars of nugz either. While watching your plants peacefully grow from small seedlings to these miniature bushes you will learn a lot along the way, but also after your first grow there is this since appreciation and a satisfaction of having self reliance. There is a learning curve, but it isn’t bad, remember marijuana is called ‘weed’ after all, and that it started around Asia and has since been spread by our ancestors and now grows all over the world naturally in the wild. But the kind that you will be growing will not be just any weed, it will be a high quality strain grown by you.

2. Jars of convenience

After your first grow, you actually will end up with jars of nugz. And with this abundance of weed comes convenience. No more realizing that you ran out and now have to wait to get some -which leads me to my next point… No more leaving your house to get weed No more picking up a killer strain and then going back and never hearing of it or seeing it again.

Blue Dream - 600 watt Apollo Hps - My first grow ever

Blue Dream – 600 watt Apollo HPS – My first grow ever, doesn’t look pretty but damn it smoked nice.

3. More control which leads to a healthier you

Aviditi Grow Tent with 1000 watt ipower hps - Strawberry Cough

Aviditi Grow Tent with 600 watt Apollo HPS – Strawberry Cough

When growing marijuana you will have to make choices over your plants, and the first choices that you need to make is if you will be growing in soil or hydroponics, (soil is more forgiving for a new grower), and if you are growing in soil you will need to decide if you will be using chemical or organic fertilizers. Just because you use chemical fertilizers doesn’t mean that it is ‘unhealthy’ at all, in fact I recommend that you stop using fertilizers 2 weeks from your harvest day to make sure all the chemicals get flushed from your plants, something you can’t do when you buy your weed.

4. Saving $$$

Isn't she a beut? 600 watt Apollo HPS -Bubbagum

Isn’t she a beut? 600 watt Apollo HPS -Bubbagum

Yep, after your initial start-up cost, you’ll end up saving thousands of dollars a year with your new hobby. What could you do with a couple of extra thousand a year? Well remember that trip you wanted to go on? Oh you didn’t know you had money for a trip, well you could go travel South East Asia for a week! And all these benefits start around 120 days after you plant your first crop. Thats right, only 4 months, the first month is to let your seedlings grow into adult plants, this is called the vegetative stage, next is the flowering stage which varies from strain to strain but usually last around 60 days. Once you harvest the last stage of the process begins, and that is drying and curing which last 30 days. Of course you can sneak a smoke to see how it’s doing, but it’s best to wait.

5. You will always receive these great hidden benefits

Honey Oil Hash - made with the sugar leaves and trimmings. WORTH IT!

Honey Oil Hash – made with the sugar leaves and trimmings. SWEET!

Want to make, or even try honey oil, shatter, hash or weed butter? After your harvest you are left with bud trimmings, sugar leaves, and finger hash. With these you are able to make a wide assortment of different hashes, and weed butter. Weed butter is how you make all of those delicious edibles such as cake-pops, brownies, cookies and anything else that has butter as an ingredient. But also another benefit that you get is one that isn’t ever talked about much, and that is privacy. You are growing in the privacy of your own home. No one will see you coming or going from the weed shop, dispensary, or like the unfortunate others who have to get it by other means.

Germinating a seed takes a few days to a week. Another week for the little sprout to spring up and form it’s first set of real leaves. 30 days of vegetative stage while your plant grows bigger and gets nice and bushy. Around 50-60 days flowering. Then the final 2 stages, drying, then curing. Every day you wait to purchase a grow light kit and plant those seeds, is another day you must wait to smoke amazing weed that you grew yourself.